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Photo by David Burges, Daily Telegraph, 6 March 2003 a necessary tactic for those who oppose the establishment of the corporate dominated, anti-democratic EU-Empire, says Mike Stagman This article appeared originally in the August 2005 issue of Sovereignty.

If you were one of the pioneering and foremost environmentalists in the UK and if you had condemned "the horrifying effects of pollution in all its cancerous forms"...

Picture: Prince Charles is carried through the streets of Ashbourne, Derbyshire on 5 March 2003 before starting the annual Shrovetide football match between the "up'ards" and the "down'ards". The 8 hour game has been played annually since the 15th century.

If you, over a period of 20 years, criticised the most powerful corporate interests in Britain, and criticised the Governments and, implicitly, major political parties which tolerate and promote environmental pollution, and receive financial support from corporate interests...

If you had, in a royal capacity, created a flourishing organic farming estate while condemning chemical pollution of agriculture and if you repeatedly censured GM food and crops...

If you denounced air pollution, thus censuring the almighty oil and chemical industries...

If you had outraged the pharmaceutical industry -- which is part of the enormously powerful chemical-drug-biotechnology industrial syndicate -- and organised medicine by criticising the toxic-drug-side-effects culture and speaking out in favour of holistic and complementary approaches to health care...

If you, as Prince of Wales, instead of acquiescing in the evils perpetrated by economic and political powers by placing a gloss of glamour over pernicious proceedings -- if you instead had shown a strong moral conscience and acted forthrightly to condemn powers-that-be and fight for social and environmental justice, supporting in different ways the poor, the disadvantaged, and Nature, which is helpless against corporate onslaught...

If you, unlike a string of treacherous Prime Ministers, opposed British subjugation in the corporate-dominated, dictatorial European Union empire...

If you were the Prince of Wales, with the above track record, and were receiving enthusiastic popular approval for many of these stands, would you not be certain to receive the unwelcome attentions of the vested corporate interests that you have criticised and continue to threaten?

And if you were to become King!

Remember how Claudius feared the popular Prince Hamlet!

What, therefore, should one expect from vested interests? Answer: a smear campaign against the Prince to poison the minds of the Public, best executed by a scurrilous tabloid press.

And that's what we've seen.

Charles has been mocked and misrepresented and slandered in a campaign that has lasted two decades. His private life has been maliciously gossiped, smeared with falsehoods and sensationalised to get at him for ulterior reasons.

Backed by corporate and political powers, and exploiting the Prince's own sense of dignity, the tabloids have libelled Charles repeatedly, secure from the lawsuits which are their due.

In short, libellous gossip in tabloid smear has been the deliberate, cynical policy of vested economic and political interests. They fear a populist prince. Every slight, mock and defamation testifies to that fact.

And now, the New Labour Government has openly and persistently attacked Prince Charles and the Monarchy by pouring over their finances to find every missing penny -- see for example the article in Sovereignty, July 2005.


Because the New Labour Government wants to eliminate the ability of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to defend British democracy and age-old liberties.

The Government views the Monarchy -- especially Charles but potentially Elizabeth also -- as an enemy to its ambitions of surrendering the United Kingdom to the corrupt, dictatorial, corporation-dominated EU empire.

And it is not just me that is saying that: See for example, Simon Heffer's article, "Welcome to the Republic of Tonyland", where he says, "Blair wants to destroy the Monarch's role as one of the checks on his power in order that he can do whatever he likes" (The Daily Mail, 6 March 2004).

The New Labour Government has thus:

= Launched an "inquiry" into so-called possible waste on royal estates, an obvious attempt to smear and intimidate the Monarchy, and my own Swansea MP, the New Labour henchman Alun Williams, has foghorned so-called "grotesque" spending by the Prince.

= In an outright police-state action, plans for a British "FBI" include obedience only to Government ministers, not the Crown, which represents the People and Democracy. This breaks a 175-year-old tradition (see Daily Mail, 18-12-04).

= Shown disrespect to the Queen by having the Lord Chancellor turn his back on her when returning to his seat at the State Opening of Parliament.

There are ways in which we can show our support for the Monarchy and protect the Nation from being treacherously lost to the corrupt, dictatorial EU-empire.

If we want to demonstrate our support for Prince Charles against the New Labour anti-Monarchists, I suggest the following when Prince Charles makes a public statement with which one is in agreement:

    1. Write Prince Charles at Clarence House, St James's, London, SW1A 1BA or Queen Elizabeth.

    2. Spread the word. Communicate with others about this -- family, friends, associates. Copy this article and other useful material and circulate it. Distribute good articles via email.

    3. Write to the Media -- local, regional, national. For those with email access, it's never been easier and it need not be more than a couple of paragraphs -- include your address and phone number.

    4. Call/write your MP -- whatever the political topic may be.
    A good way is to form small delegations of 2, 3, or 4 persons, make an appointment with the MP's assistant, and go visit him or her. If you find that he or she is not obliging and part of the problem, publicise it and let them know it!

If more British citizens participated in public affairs we could rescue our political system -- which is rightly ours -- from being the playground of Monied Interests and their political puppets.

Mike Stagman PhD, classical scholar, author and activist, runs the Concerned Citizens Information Network and

"The Prince of Wales has suggested that he would not be concerned if Britain withdrew from the European Union. The Prince revealed his views when he met Lord Haskins, a businessman admired by Tony Blair who is the Government's Rural Recovery Co-ordinator, to discuss the future of farming. When Lord Haskins argued that EU trade regulations meant that the logical conclusion of the Prince's pro-organic views would be the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, the Prince said: 'So?'"

Paul Waugh, "Charles 'unconcerned' if Britain leaves EU", The Independent, internet report, 2 May 2002

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