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Alistair McConnachie published Sovereignty from July 1999 to its 120th consecutive monthly issue in June 2009, and he continues to maintain this website.
Alistair McConnachie also publishes Prosperity - Freedom from Debt Slavery which educates about the nature of our debt-based money system and A Force For Good which advocates the maintenance of the United Kingdom.
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By Alistair McConnachie and first published in a Sovereignty Special Report distributed free with the May 2002 issue. This material supplements information in the December 2001 issue of Sovereignty

"The Queen should pay inheritance tax, like everybody else"
The real argument is that no-one should pay the unjust inheritance tax, neither you, me, nor the Queen. Let's frame the debate that way for a change.

"The monarchy keeps us serfs on a feudal estate"
Today it is the global financial system which keeps all the people of the world effectively enslaved on a Global Plantation, at the same time as it rushes us all towards a world void of unique national differences.

The monarchy plays no role whatsoever in this very real and on-going system of oppression. Indeed, to the extent that the monarchy represents a unique national icon, it stands opposed to it.

People who attack the monarchy should concentrate on the real enemies of freedom and democracy, instead of distracting us with a red herring.

"The monarchy is dripping with wealth in a sea of poverty"
Again, if you are really concerned about poverty in our society, then you are doing a genuine disservice to the cause of social justice by diverting blame upon the Queen of all people.

She is not the cause of poverty, and without her there would still be poverty.

If you want to criticise people who have amassed large quantities of money to the detriment of society, then look in the right direction.

Switch on the television, and open any magazine, to be assaulted by images of obscene wealth and genuine exploitation. You'd have to have led a rather sheltered life to mistakenly focus on the Queen as a culprit!

"Why should taxpayers money be spent on a Royal Yacht?"
The Royal Yacht argument has been lost for the time being, but the notion being put about was that the "taxpayers money" could be better spent on something else, hospitals, for example.

However, this "taxpayers money" argument is a con, intended to make us think that it is a crucial choice between one or the other.

It's not an "either, or" situation. We should be spending on both.

The fact is that the "taxpayers money" which would build the Royal Yacht would enter the community which is building the Royal Yacht, it would generate local jobs, skills and pay local people's wages. It's called investing in industry!

Investing in industry is just as important as investing in "schools and hospitals", and not everybody can get a job as a teacher, a doctor or a nurse.

The same goes for any spending on the monarchy, whether it's the Royal Trains, Planes or Automobiles. The money spent ultimately ends up in a worker's wage packet. That's a good thing!

In addition to this very practical benefit, money spent on a Royal Yacht, for example, is money spent on conferring prestige to the national icon and thereby esteeming the nation she represents, in its own eyes, and those of the world. That's another good thing!

"It encourages a deference incompatible with modern society"
Too much "deference" is not really a problem to society today! Quite the opposite! In any case, you will only "defer" if you so choose. There is no compulsion, and deference is not self-abasement, it's modesty and humility.

"The Queen is of largely German extraction"
Well, no, actually. The Queen Mother was of British descent and George II who died in 1760 was the last British sovereign not to be born in this country.

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