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Independent Green Voice


  • Local Referenda for Local Issues. Extend local democracy and empower local people. Local people should be the lawmakers. We advocate the establishment of a system of local referenda, which will enable referenda to be held on a ward basis, which will allow both sides to present their cases equally, and which will be binding upon the council.

    The principle here is that the local people should be the lawmakers. Their needs must come first. The local authority must work with them to determine what the people want, rather than impose a top-down approach.

  • Proportional Representation for Local Elections. In Glasgow, at the last local elections, the Labour Party won less than 50% of the vote, but took 94% of the seats. Parties other than Labour occupy only 5 of the 79 seats.

    PR in local elections will herald a virtual revolution in Scottish politics. We support an element of PR in the electoral system because it enables new voices to be elected and heard, and is a way to change the first-past-the-post plutocracy.

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