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Independent Green Voice


We are Animal Welfare advocates.

We make a distinction between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights.

"Animal Rights" is a theory, and lifestyle, which claims that animals have the same "rights" as humans, and therefore should not be "exploited". This leads to the comparison that livestock farming -- of any kind -- is equivalent to human slavery and genocide. Consequently, all Animal Rightists are vegans (not just vegetarians).

Animal Welfare, however, is a different concept.

We want:

  • An end to Live Exports which are widely known to be cruel. We argue for new markets based on Localisation and Food Sovereignty, and for financial compensation and subsidies to enable farming to move this way.
  • An end to "Factory Farming". The main areas for advocacy in Britain today are the ending of battery cages -- including the so-called "enriched cages" scheduled to replace smaller cages -- intensive meat production of chickens, turkeys and ducks, and intensive pig farming. We want research and development and subsidies to be directed to help agriculture move towards more natural and organic methods of production.
  • Rigid application of quality control to keep out food imports which do not conform to our animal welfare standards. These cheap imports are directly responsible for putting our British farmers out of business, as well as being morally indefensible by our own standards.
  • Oppose SI 255 which offends both the principles of animal welfare and civil liberties.
  • An end to Vivisection. There is no animal testing for cosmetics allowed in Britain. However, we advocate a ban on imported cosmetics which have been animal-tested. While we recognise that, in some cases, there may still be a need to use animal testing in medical or military (self-defence) research, we aim to phase this out and encourage alternative research methods.

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