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Localism means discriminating in favour of, and orientating the economic system towards, local and national needs and markets. This helps to ensure that governments and peoples maintain control over their own economy, for their own benefit.

Our principle of Localism is the key to deliver our Green Programme.

The opposite of Localism is "Globalism", also referred to as "Globalisation". Globalism is the de-regulation of all trading conditions, which results in taking power away from governments and peoples, and thereby destroying the ability of individuals, communities and nation-states to determine their own existence, while wrecking the world's ecology.

We stand in opposition to globalising organisations, including the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the EU, and corporate treaties such as the MAI, which replace nation-states and democracy with the domination of unrestrained corporate finance.

We stand in opposition to those who claim that the population should be adjusted in order to serve the economy. We say to them that the economy will adjust to the population. The fundamental principle at stake is that our economy is here to serve us. We are not here to serve the economy!

Further reading on Localism can be found here.

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