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Our fishing communities have been discarded overboard by the politicians and bureaucrats, who have usurped the people's decision-making power, and consequently betrayed them.

The first step to re-empowering these local communities is to remove the power from the supra-national politicians, and put it back in the hands of the people.

Practically speaking, that means, firstly, freeing ourselves from the Common Fisheries Policy, to ensure the local community has the freedom to fish as it chooses -- with security, provided if necessary, at the national level by HM Armed Forces.

In order to achieve the policy objectives of rebuilding fishing communities and ensuring proper environmental management of fish stocks, we must re-establish control of Britain's 200-mile exclusive fishing zone. If each country caught fish in areas that were exclusive to itself, there would be an incentive to conserve and nurture fish stocks. We would restore respect for the ocean's providence and we would rebuild fishing communities.

We advocate withdrawing from the CFP.

Once a community has a secure freedom to fish, it will then have the power in its own hands to determine its own existence -- which will require tempering its freedom, with its technical, economic and ecological wisdom.

This secure freedom may also lead to fishing communities being able to co-operate internationally with other similarly secure fishing communities Europe-wide, in order to reach where possible, mutually respectful arrangements which benefit each other's economies and ecologies.

An extensive collection of articles stating the case for taking back control of our fishing waters from the European Union can be found here.

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