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EUROPE: a SANE Relationship

Independent Green Voice wants Britain to leave the EU.

It is impossible to consider Britain and Scotland's government, without also considering European Union government. That is because membership of the EU is the one issue which governs all the issues.

Legally, around 70% of Britain's laws are now made by the EU. All the issues in this Manifesto are bound into EU membership -- whether it is environmental issues, agriculture, fishing, immigration and asylum -- Westminster can only make laws within the boundaries determined by Brussels.

Financially, the UK pays a staggering £36million a day to Brussels, as part of our EU membership (United Kingdom Balance of Payments: The Pink Book 2004, Table 9.2). That is an average of £55,700 per parliamentary constituency, per day. This is a massive amount of money, which should be paying for our pensioners, young families, students, public services, hospitals and schools right here in Glasgow South West, every day.

We say: Let's get out the EU, spend our money at home, and by our own good example, show the way to a new Europe built upon co-operation, democracy, national diversity and self-determination for all.

We want to replace the present European Union with a Sovereign Association for the Nations of Europe. This means a SANE relationship where we agree to associate with our European friends in areas of mutual benefit, rather than a political Superstate where we must do what we're told, regardless of how much it hurts us. We have developed this SANE concept here

The best way to achieve a SANE relationship is for Britain to leave the EU and show a new way by our own good example.

If we left the EU, we could easily save enough money to fund, for example, a new set of support mechanisms for our agriculture, or to fight the war on poverty.

In the meantime, we will use our Independent Green Voice in the Westminster Parliament to encourage a spirit of defiance to European Union laws which act against the best interests of the British people, and to oppose the so-called "EU Constitution".

An extensive collection of articles stating the case for leaving the European Union can be found here.

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