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Independent Green Voice

Independent GREEN VOICE
The authentic Green party for Ecology, Localism, and Democracy

Alistair McConnachie

Independent Green Voice (IGV) is an authentically-green, ecologically-conscious political party. It was founded by Alistair McConnachie and registered with the Electoral Commission in 2003.

The party has stood three times: In the Kelvin constituency in Glasgow in the Scottish Election of 2003, where Alistair took 1,300 votes (6%) and saved his deposit on a first outing for the party. It also stood in the Hillhead council constituency on the same day, and in the 2005 General Election, in Glasgow South West.

It has a holistic political philosophy -- inspired by the writings of Carl Jung and others -- founded around the broad theme of Self Determination at a National, Local and Personal level, and based on the Seven Principles of Sovereignty and the Five Principles of Democracy -- which were developed as the conceptual political foundations for the party by Alistair in 2003.

It appeals to a very broad political and social spectrum, and advocates a comprehensive, coherent and consistent agenda for ecological awareness, not carelessness; localised economics, not globalised; popular democracy, not plutocracy, energy independence, not dependence; food sovereignty, not food poverty; free speech not 1984-style thought crimes; and Money Reform for economic democracy and freedom from debt slavery.

Unique to IGV's ecological, economic and anti-poverty agenda is its key advocacy of Money Reform, an economic critique which identifies the creation of money as a debt, by the private banking system for its own private profit, as a key driver of ecologically destructive and unsustainable economic growth -- and a key reason why taxes, rents and mortgages are going through the roof while public services, benefits, savings and pensions are going through the floor! IGV works to reform our "privately-created, debt-based money system".

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