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NEW 40-page A4 Manual
on Money Reform now available

New Money Reform Manual by Alistair McConnachie

Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals, was written and compiled by Alistair McConnachie and was presented at the Tenth Annual Bromsgrove Conference, on 3-5 Nov 2006.

It is a perfect introduction to Money Reform, specifically the Publicly-Created Money Proposal advanced by Michael Rowbotham, and the Seigniorage Proposal advanced by Joseph Huber and James Robertson.

In only 40, clear, concise, comprehensive A4 pages, you will learn:

Part One -- The Basics you Need to Know
Our Attitude towards the Banking System
What is Money?
How Banks Create Money
Understanding the Bank of England
How the National Debt is Created
Recovering our Lost Seigniorage

Part Two -- Freedom from Debt Slavery
The Problem: A Debt-Based Money System
The Solution: A Debt-Free Money System

Part Three -- Clarifying the Rowbotham Reform
The Rowbotham Reform: Publicly-Created Money
Publicly-Created Money: Considering some Effects
Frequently Asked Questions on Publicly-Created Money
How to Prevent Banks Expanding the Money Supply

Part Four -- Clarifying the Huber/Robertson Reform
The Huber/Robertson Reform: Seigniorage Reform
Seigniorage Reform: Effects on Money Supply, Inflation and Interest Rates
Frequently Asked Questions on Seigniorage Reform
James Robertson Answers some Questions on Seigniorage Reform

Part Five -- Miscellaneous on Money Reform
Why Money Reform will Prevent Inflation
The Matter of Interest
The Democratic Imperative

Appendix 1 -- Glossary and Bibliography
Glossary of Terms

Appendix 2 -- Contacts
The American Monetary Institute
The Bromsgrove Group


Please send me . copy(ies) of Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals, at the following rates inclusive of post and packing: 1 copy for £10, 2 for £15, 3 for £18 and 4 or more at £5 each.

For orders outside UK, the rates are 1 copy for £15, 2 for £20, 3 for £24 and 4 or more at £7 each.

I enclose . cash/cheque/postal order, made payable to Sovereignty, at 268 Bath St, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, G2 4JR.

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