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Alistair McConnachie published Sovereignty from July 1999 to its 120th consecutive monthly issue in June 2009, and he continues to maintain this website.
Alistair McConnachie also publishes Prosperity - Freedom from Debt Slavery which explains a solution for the economic crisis and A Force For Good which makes a positive case for the UK Union.
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Evidence that TV is addictive and de-socialises young children
Global warming and 3 Sensibly Green reasons to cut down on energy use
The Greenland Question: What's the problem with Greenland becoming green again?
If the global warming theory is true, then why are some of the climate change lobby so intolerant?
If climate is changing, then industrial wind-turbines are a useless and irresponsible waste of resources... the scientific data in this PDF file (size is 629k, so to download right-click on the link then "save target as") should raise questions of why the Government and allegedly "Green" lobby are so obsessed with imposing such a non-solution to energy shortfall.
A petition to save the environment of the Western Isles, plus a corporate report which inadvertently reveals that the windfarms and giant wind-turbines are practically useless, in fact a destructive scam
Rising populations should be a part of the climate change debate, but nobody wants to talk about that!
Could this be the beginning of Personal Rapid Transport development in the UK?
Nuclear Fusion promises carbon-free, safe, limitless energy.
Excessive population really hammers the environment... but it's politically incorrect to notice that.
Industrial wind-turbines cannot waft away the stench of their imposers' corruption
Alistair McConnachie demonstrates how to plant trees
Scottish-based company turns cooking oil and animal fat into fuel
An environment of constantly increasing surveillance cannot be conducive to health.
Official report from Germany blows away the industrial windfarm advocates and their lies!
Industrial Wind Farming is not Green Energy, explains Suzanne Greenhill
The locals have found how to extract energy from windfarms on Lewis....
Incinerate it, but only if that does no good... yet another potty edict dumped on Britain by the EU and Wasteminster.
Simple energy efficiency programmes will save more power than industrial wind farms can ever create
Monbiot comes out against bio-fuels but does not say what viable fuelling he does endorse, if any.
Some say hydrogen-fuelled cars are not so environmentally-friendly, and more research and development should go into electric/petrol hydrids
In the move towards small-scale applications of renewable energy mechanisms for self reliance on a personal, local and national level, we need greater investment in solar power
New research indicates that watching Television and Videos can damage the development of young children's brains
Has the big objection to nuclear power stations now been sorted?
Windfarms threaten Lewis, and all over Britain could be a serious danger to health
Made from 3,000 rubber tyres, the pioneering Fife Earthship opens its doors to the public
Allegedly to encourage "recycling", they'll search your refuse to monitor what you've done, and finance themselves by fining you whenever they can; never mind Bin Laden, it's hello  Bin Stazi
Innovative waste-card into fuel company sunk on false premises by Environment Minister: madness or badness?
Good household ecology should include a consumer environment where you don't get ripped-off on extended warranties
Is "global warming" a lie to manipulate the masses? Are the British population forced to pay for foreign pollution? Are the wind-farms an elaborate corporate crony ripoff? Three articles peer under the holy cows tail
Windmill power fetishists shocked as top government scientist describes them as "bloody eyesores" and hidden cost leaks out.... but also here is another, wave-powered, alternative.
The government's falsely premised hate campaign against people having freedom of their own transport becomes even more sinister and precedent-setting, with calls for more surveillance and, effectively... entrapment
Windfarms mess up our country; the Mendips are threatened.... fight back, urges Christopher Booker
Is there no end to the government's ongoing fetish for giant wind-turbines?
Margaret Beckett applies new EU subsidy regime so as to force destruction of British orchards
Even more wind-farms threaten environment -- to appease fanaticism and greed must eagles die?
Good news, as wave and tidal based power generation wins serious consideration
Suspicion, joy and dismay as government pushes for even more windfarm proliferation
Iter ... project to provide clean power for the future, a new multi-nation nuclear fusion reactor
Mini-windmill electric generators that don't wreck the environment -- a timely alternative
Dust, noise, contaminated ballast and a hole visible from space; but some claim it a green sacrifice.... superquarry
Big Brother's lifestyle-environment managers, a veritable torrent of czars
Wind Farms top a poll of architectural eyesores
Overfill a country, and eco-disaster pends.... yet the world keeps overloading
English Nature axed by government -- a GM-critical agency too independent
Bottom line is, Britain gets dumped with US naval hulks too toxic for home consumption.
Hydrogen fuel cell buses are coming to the streets of London
As electric supply capacity falls dangerously low, the government are favouring the least viable means of generation... stupidity or worse?
The government try to force fluoride into our public water supplies regardless of consequence
Are windmill-farms good for the environment? There are very serious doubts!
Melanie Johnson, UK Health Minister says fluoride water-pollution frees kids to have grotty orifices, so dump yer toofbrush  (not joking)
EU threatens natural barley straw water cleaning product, even though the alternatives are toxic chemicals
Community composting initiatives are threatened by Defra's financial demands
Solid Waste & Energy Recycling Facility : what it is and how it works... SWERF®
"UK householders to be fined for not recycling rubbish" but "Swedes trash myth of refuse recycling"... confused?
Heart of Galloway hold renewable energy and recycling day
Cheap biofuel imports must not be allowed to undermine the nascent British biofuel industry
The thermal depolymerisation process. Recycling waste into oil. How it works
Petrol companies quietly become active in recycling used cooking oils as biofuel
Barter: An Alternative Currency?
Recycling rates in Scotland
Biofuel : run a diesel car on vegetable oil
Earthships : energy efficient homes built from old car tyres!
Zero Waste: reduce, repair, reuse, recycle or redesign
Is MAFF/DEFRA's concept of bio-security in livestock farming a distractive illusion for farmers and ramblers alike?