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Animal welfare campaigner, Jean Dixon tells us of her latest campaign proposals to highlight the threat of Statutory Instrument 843, which is known as SI 255 in Scotland.

The Government has sneaked through legislation to kill our animals.

On 15 May 2002 a Statutory Instrument was read in Parliament and although there was much opposition, it is now the law that:

The Government has the right to force entry to our premises.
The Government has the right to kill any TSE susceptible animal, meaningevery goat and most sheep in the country as well as any other animal, apart from dogs.
The Government can make animal owners pay all costs incurred by Defra in doing this. In other words, we pay for them seizing our animals, killing our animals, and any cleansing and disinfecting that may be required.
Defra have complete autonomy, and their scientific findings cannot be challenged. Should anyone try to resist they can be imprisoned.

Much of this was contained in the Animal Health Bill, which was successfully overturned by the Lords. However, the Government has now brought the legislation in through the back door.

It was hidden in a Statutory Instrument SI 843 (SI 255 in Scotland). This is a 200 pIus page document mainly about bone meal and related matters, but in the middle of it is a section on TSE/scrapie.

As almost all animals are TSE susceptible, the powers conferred in the Statutory Instrument can be used to control any viral disease such as foot and mouth.

Their plan to sneak it through hidden in a document that would arouse little interest has worked and very few people are aware of the enormous powers that this Government now posses to continue their preferred policy of slaughtering healthy animals, if ever they need to do so again.

The legislation does not allow for any other method of disease control and there are no allowances for any rare breeds or pet animals or for those in Sanctuaries or Zoos.

A Statutory Instrument is not subject to parliamentary procedures and simply becomes law on the date stated in it.

The only way to change the policy of killing instead of controlling viral diseases, is making these facts widespread, direct people to the information on this website, write to your MP expressing your concerns at House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 0AA.

You can also add your signature to the petition 'Stop the Cull' which will have a further presentation to the Prime Minister in September. Petitions are available from me. So far, 39,000 signatures have already been presented.

I will also be demonstrating at the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool, which begins on 29th September, and then in London, when the Foot and Mouth Committee Stage restarts on the 7th October. If anyone wants to demonstrate with me, please contact as above.

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