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Alistair McConnachie published Sovereignty from July 1999 to its 120th consecutive monthly issue in June 2009, and he continues to maintain this website.
Alistair McConnachie also publishes Prosperity - Freedom from Debt Slavery which explains a solution for the economic crisis and A Force For Good which makes a positive case for the UK Union.
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A Report on Urban Farming and Localisation in London The Independent, 28 Sept 2006
The County Farms Programme: Protecting Britain's Small Holdings The Guardian, 8 Feb 2006
British Food Fortnight: 24th Sept-9th Oct 2005 Alexia Robinson explains, Farmers Weekly, 2-8 Sept 2005
Supporting small-scale agriculture is the solution for Africa The New Statesman, 11 July 2005
Meet Sovereignty Reporter, Astrid Goddard
Poems by Astrid Goddard
Challenging the Market Share of Supermarkets Farmers Guardian, 3 Dec 2004, and Press Release from Wyecycle
Prince Charles' Speech to the Terra Madre conference 23 Oct 2004
The Terra Madre conference builds worldwide farmer solidarity against multi-nationals. Guardian, 20 Oct 2004
Booths: A Supermarket which stocks Local The Guardian, 1 Sept 2004
Growing Demand for City Allotments The Independent, 7 April 04
British Apple Growers Undermined by Cheap Imports Guardian, 26 Nov '03
An International Alliance for Self-Reliance Colin Hines and Caroline Lucas MEP propose, Guardian, 27 Oct '03
British Fruit and Veg Varieties Theatened with Genetic Erosion The Independent, 16 Aug '03
Production, Consumption, Import, Export figures for UK Meat Figures from The Scottish Farmer
A Fashion for Wool Stella Masters wants to see a profitable market for wool farmers
Understanding and Explaining Localisation Colin Hines responds to George Monbiot's critique of Localisation
Local Beef and Lamb Marketing in Yorkshire The Guardian, 28 April 2003
Urban Farming in Venezuela A report from the Environmental News Network
Barter: An Alternative Currency The Guardian, 27 Feb 2003
Saving a Precious Culture HRH Prince Charles, Farmers Weekly, 27 December 2002
Fair Trade Goes Global in Garstang Farmers Weekly, 22 November 2002
Slave Labour and Factory Farms Is that what we're meant to "compete" against?
Wake up and Smell the Coffee Plight of coffee farmers not cured by "free trade", Rob Jenkins, Guardian, 7 Oct 02
A Fight for Survival Vote with your food dollars for family farms, says Willie Nelson, from OG, Sept/Oct 02
Fair Trade for UK Farmers It's time for a FairTradeUK Mark, writes Alistair McConnachie
Tackle Starvation on a Local Basis David Richardson, Farmers Weekly, 9 Sept 2002
Self-Reliance not Market Reliance Colin Hines argues for trade rules to benefit both North and South
Subsidies to put the Culture back into Agriculture Alistair McConnachie writes
Export Drive Sends Poor on Wrong Route Colin Hines explains why depending on exports hurts everybody
Globalisation's Cruel Smokescreen Colin Hines on localisation for developing, and developed, countries alike
Productivity does not Ensure Profitability in a Loaded Market Place Alistair McConnachie writes, 30 June 2002
How a Local Community saved its Village Shop The Guardian, 10 June 2002
Island's Meat is Key to its Economy and Ecology The Scotsman, 19 June 2002
Localisation - The Post Seattle Alternative to Globalisation Review of book by Colin Hines, 20 April 2002
Final Declaration of the World Forum on Food Sovereignty 7 Sept 2001
Rout of the Small Farm George Monbiot, The Guardian, 7 August 2001
Urban and Rural People have a Common Enemy Peter McCaig sees the big picture, from Green Events of April 2001
The Crazy Logic of the Continental Food Swap Caroline Lucas MEP, Independent on Sunday, 25 March 01


The Battery Hen Welfare Trust Rehomes Battery Chickens from The Daily Telegraph, 23 July 2005
Exposing the duck meat factory-farming industry Report from Viva! May 2005
Animal Gospel: A Review by Astrid Goddard
More Foxes Killed in Scotland than Ever Before Ironic consequence of Fox Hunt Ban, D Telegraph, 18 Sept 2004
Horse Passports to Aid Trade in Horse Flesh Removal of ban on live horse exports? D Telegraph, 2 Feb 04
Outline of an Animal Health and Welfare Strategy for Great Britain Government consultation document
France Seeking to Overturn Proposed Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics The Guardian, 19 August 2003
Live Exports must End Letter from The Scottish Farmer, 27 July 2002


Capel-le-Ferne Farmers Market wins "Best Farmers Market in Kent 2004" Award
List your Local Farmers Market here Please send us dates, place and contact details of Farmers Markets near you
Stop the Safeway Takeover! A Press Release from WyeCycle, 12 June 2003
The Case Against Supermarkets WyeCycle makes it
Wigtown Country Market
Vouchers woo East End poor to shop at Farmers' Market The Times, 25 May 2002
Farmers Markets: A Way towards an Independent Future for our Farms Astrid Goddard reports


Local, British and Seasonal We review Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 'River Cottage Year'
Cooking in Time with the British Seasons The Guardian, 24 May 2003
Seasonal Cooking and Shopping is a liberating pleasure says Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Guardian, 14 May '03


British Dairy Farmers Need a Professional Marketing Agency say Farmers For Action, Jan 04
British Dairy Farmers Suffer from EU Surplus Sunday Telegraph, 26 October 2003
Why the British Dairy Industry is Suffering Alistair McConnachie and David Goddard write, 29 June 2002


Bushmeat could bring in fatal foreign diseases The Observer, 8 May 2005
Bushmeat threat to our health and world's endangered species Sunday Express, 31 Oct 2004
Importing bushmeat is importing disease The Sunday Telegraph, 5 Sept 2004
Keeping out Illegal Meat Alistair McConnachie assesses the lack of action so far


Earthships: Energy Efficient Homes The Guardian, 20 July 2002
Time to Establish a UK Bio-ethanol Industry The Herald, 6 June 2003
Recycling Waste into Oil Is this the ultimate recycler? The Guardian, 22 May 2003
Out of the Frying Pan Biodiesel, an alternative fuel, The Guardian, 10 Feb 2003
Running Your Diesel Car on Vegetable Oil Article from The Guardian, 20 January 2003


Recycling Rates in Scotland The Herald, 5 Feb 03
The Zero Waste Principle: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle ... or Redesign to fit the System


Dispatches 11: The beginnings of a new Agricultural Revolution? Hilary Peters continues her diary
Surrey Docks Farm Hilary Peters tells us about her City Farm which she started almost 30 years ago
Dispatches 10 Hilary Peters asks if organic farming is a 'theological' quest
Dispatches 9 Hilary Peters says the organic revolution is worth fighting for
Dispatches 8 Hilary Peters gets back to the source, in her continuing dispatches from the agricultural frontline
Dispatches 7 Hilary Peters continues her investigation into the viable alternatives to industrial farming
Dispatches 6 Hilary Peters uncovers positive examples of the agricultural fightback in Yorkshire
Dispatches 5 Hilary Peters continues her research on farmers shops and markets
Dispatches 4 Hilary Peters continues her research into Gloucestershire
Dispatches 3 More reports on organic action and produce from Hilary Peters
Dispatches 2 Hilary Peters continues her tour around Suffolk
Dispatches 1: from the Counter-Revolution Hilary Peters reports from the organic food and farming frontline


No Proven Link Between BSE, CJD and Scrapie Frances Wolferstan. Comments by A McConnachie, 31 Jan 04
Scrapie Does Not Cause BSE, which Does Not Cause nvCJD Alistair McConnachie's topical article from 1996
UK Natural Sausage Industry Given Reprieve Release from the NSCA, September 2002
Traditional Haggis Threatened by Unscientific BSE Theory This is what you get when you accept nonsense as truth
UK Natural Sausage Industry at risk from BSE Hysteria Release from the NSCA, August 2002
The Absurdity of the National Scrapie Plan Alistair McConnachie comments, 19 July 2002
Mark Purdey on the Cause of BSE Farmers Weekly, 21 June 2002
Lord Walsingham on the Cause of nvCJD  from the Farmers Weekly, 31 May 2002



Heart of Galloway hold Recycling and Renewable Energy Day 7 June 2003
Farmers and Activists Must Unite David Richardson, Farmers Weekly, 9 May 2003
Cultural Documents of FMD National Exhibition being Organised, Press Release, Nov 2002
FMD Play Tours Yorkshire Jean Dixon reviews
Robin Harper MSP speaks to the Heart of Galloway Report by Alistair McConnachie, Galloway Gazette, 13 Sept 02
Heart of Galloway - One Year On Inspiring report from this Rural Campaigning Group
Farmer's Group Calls Strike Action Press Release from Farmer's For Action, 2 August 2002
Anti-cull Activist Fined £3000 for Disinfecting own Vehicle Alistair McConnachie writes
Do Police have the Legal Right to Linger on your Property? Joe Smith writes
The EU FMD Enquiry at Gretna Green Juanita Wilson and Jean Dixon report - Spanish translation available
25,000 claimants in £7 billion FMD Compensation Claim Daily Express report, 16 April 2002
Easter Memorial at Orcop Hill Hilary Peters, Chris Stockdale and Helen Terrett report
Alicia in Wonderland Alicia Eykyn of the FMD Forum on the recent Judicial Review case at the High Court
"Holyrood ... We have a Problem!" Alistair McConnachie reports on 15,000 march in Edinburgh, 16 Dec 2001
No Substantive Evidence that Appeals and Resistance Spread FMD NFMG and Vets for Vaccination, 8 Nov 01
Challenging the Notion that Resistance Spread FMD Bryn Wayt writes, 5 November 2001
Suggestions on the Legality of Passive Resistance Compiled by Alistair McConnachie, and circulated April 2001
Passive Resistance Ideas Alistair McConnachie, email circulation, March 2001


Defra Back Down to Janet Hughes Because it Fears Exposure of Illegal Writ Farmers Guardian, 22 August 2003
Janet Hughes settles Defra Case after Long Fight for Justice Includes report from Shropshire Star, 20 Aug 2003
Vindictive Defra Bailiffs Persecute Woman Who Stopped Illegal Kill-Policy Alistair McConnachie reports 31 Jan 03
Janet Hughes' Appeal Against Denial of Judicial Review Astrid Goddard reports, 30 Jan '02
Brecon Woman's Case May have Saved Tens of Thousands of Sheep from Cull Astrid Goddard reports 10 Jan 02
Some Tips on Dealing with the Bailiffs Bryn Wayt researches


Mossburn Animal Sanctuary opens Memorial to Foot and Mouth Crisis Alistair McConnachie reports, 14 June 03
Mossburn Animal Sanctuary one year later... Astrid Goddard reports, May 2002
Success for the Sanctuary Alistair McConnachie, May 2001.
Supporting Mossburn Animal Centre Letters from John Dowson and Alistair McConnachie, The Herald, 9 May 01


A Victory for Common Sense: A Report of the Kirstin McBride Court Case Astrid Goddard, 12 March '02
An Update on the "Misty" Case An Interview with Kirstin McBride and Elizabeth Walls, 3 Dec 2001
Misty the Goat, Murdered by MAFF The Daily Telegraph, 9 April 2001
Family Pet Killed While Police Distract Owner Alistair McConnachie's original report on "Misty" case 6 April 01


Free-Roaming Sheep: A Forest of Dean Tradition, Under Threat The Guardian, 17 July 2004
The Shadow of Foot and Mouth Exhibition Gloucester woman launches exhibition of FMD art and written work, 2002
A Visit to the Land of Green Ginger to meet Forest of Dean Action family, the Turpin-Wests. Astrid Goddard reports
Oaklands Park: An Island of Sanity Report and pictures by Astrid Goddard
Forest of Dean Couple tell MAFF, "Sling Your Hook" Ann Price speaks to Astrid Goddard, 16 April 2002
Pat Innocent Saves her Innocent Sheep Astrid Goddard, 25 Feb '02
Couple's Trailer Vigil Defends Herd of Dexters Astrid Goddard relates Bill and Sue Osborne's vigil, 30 Jan '02
Extracts from Sue Osborne's FMD Diary
12 Stunning Pics of Bill and Sue Osborne's Dexter Cattle Photographs by Astrid Goddard
Strong Emotions Evident at Gloucester Anti-Cull Demo Astrid Goddard reports, 27 October 2001
Victory for Oaklands Park Tyll van de Voort, The Guardian, 2 May 2001


Cumbria Foot and Mouth Inquiry, 8th May 2002 Astrid Goddard reports
Death Denied Access Merino and Alpaca farmer, Ann Young, speaks to Astrid Goddard
Wigton Farming Meeting, Organised by 'Stop Animal Deaths' Astrid Goddard reports, 18 December 2001
Activist Threatened With Arrest Astrid Goddard reports from the Killing Fields of Cumbria, 15 Oct 01


Some Issues at Stake Alistair McConnachie, April 2001
Stop the Slaughter-Stop the Scare Speech Alistair McConnachie, April 2001
The Things they Say Alistair McConnachie, April 2001
10 Questions for Conscientious Vets Alistair McConnachie, April 2001
The Truth About Foot and Mouth Steve Ransom's ground-breaking article, March 2001
Foot and Mouth was Successfully treated by Cumbrian Vet 100 Years Ago Astrid Goddard researches
Map Showing the Extent of the FMD Scandal, and the Attack on the Rural Community, in South West Scotland
Foreign Vets Couldn't Tell Difference Between FMD, Orf and Foot Rot Well, there's a surprise! Guardian, 21 Jan 02
True Slaughter Figure at least 3 Times Official Version The Sunday Post, 20 Jan 2002
New Foot and Mouth Report available from Western Morning News Astrid Goddard reviews, 6 January 2002
"Arguments" Attempting to "Defend" Cull Alistair McConnachie compiles
"Biosecurity" is a Smokescreen which Detracts from the Truth Matthew Knight, 12 December 2001
Mystery Blisters Not "Foot and Mouth" The Daily Telegraph, 18 June 2001
Official Figures Conceal True Death Toll Farmers Weekly, 8 June 2001
"Let it Run its Course" Willy Poole, The Journal (Newcastle) 26 April 2001.
Great Speech Which Sums up the Foot and Mouth Scandal Jonathan Miller, 10 April 2001.
"No Direct, Physical Evidence of Airborne Transmission" The Independent, 10 April 2001.
Wisdom from the Masai The Independent, 6 April 2001.
Lessons from India Vandana Shiva, The Guardian, 4 April 2001.
One Third of "Confirmed" Cases Prove Negative The Scotsman, 11 May 2001.
Laying the Facts on the Table Alistair McConnachie, The Scottish Farmer, 31 March 2001.
Old Cowmen's Cure Saved Duke's Pedigree Herd The Daily Telegraph, 23 March 2001.


Life Extinguished Children's Poems on Foot and Mouth in Cumbria, 5 Aug
Fields of Fire Astrid Goddard reviews new book by Jacquita Allender
Rural Economy Still Suffering from FMD Shutdown The Scotsman, 26 July 2002
Hefted Sheep - So Special Yet Threatened Astrid Goddard interviews fell farmers, November 2001.
"Marksmen" and Gun Law - Who's in Charge? Col. B.S. Turner (Retr), email circulation, 5 June 2001.
Silence of the Lambs: The Foot and Mouth Crisis and its Environmental and Legal Implications Barrister Stephen Tromans examines. Circulated 22 May 2001
Veterinary Oath that Many are Breaking
Vet Actions are "Illegal" The Dumfries and Galloway Standard, 11 May 2001
Armed Officers Enforce Slaughter Policy The Dumfries and Galloway Standard, 27 April 2001
Nick Brown Advises Foot and Mouth Insurance 6 Weeks Before Official Outbreak The Times, 9 January 2001


Professor Fred Brown RIP Obituary of this great Foot and Mouth authority from the Daily Telegraph, 10 March 04
The First Organic Principle is Life Itself A McConnachie on SOPA's backward opposition to vaccination, 4 Aug 01
Northumberland NFU County Chairman Changes his Views To Vaccination extracted from NFU North East journal
Vaccination for Foot and Mouth Farmer Dr. James Irvine, The Scottish Farmer, 27 October 2001
Corporates Lobbied to Halt Vaccination Plan The Guardian, 8 September 2001
Briefing Note on Vaccination From the National Foot and Mouth Group, 7 September 2001
Taiwan FMD Outbreak Bryn Wayt examines claim of Jim Walker, SNFU, that Taiwan vaccine programme failed
NFU Campaign Against Vaccination a Scandal Christopher Booker and Dr Richard North, D Telegraph, 6 Aug 01
A Response to the NFU's Position on Vaccination Michaela Bowles, 24 July 2001
Countering SNFU Anti-Vaccination Nonsense Alistair McConnachie, The Galloway News, 28 June 2001
Vaccination - Some Questions and Answers Compiled by Alistair McConnachie
Vaccination - The Quickest Way to Regain Export Markets Dr Richard North, circular, 29 March 2001


Answers Please Alan and Rosie Beat ask some pertinent questions regarding the FMD scandal, 7 Nov 01
Professor of Mythology Alan Beat explains errors in the modelling analysis behind the contiguous cull, 3 Nov 01
Dr Paul Kitching Reveals Needless Slaughter The Independent on Sunday, 24 June 2001
The Genesis of the "3km Cull" Alan Beat, The Guardian, 6 June 2001
Dr Paul Kitching Attacks Flawed Cull The Sunday Times, 29 April 2001
An Interview with Dr Paul Kitching Channel 4 News, 21 April 2001


Animal Death Bill Revived Sue Burton on the latest moves to re-introduce this dangerous legislation
New Legislation Threatens Animal Welfare and Civil Liberties from the Animal Legislation Information Group
Jean Dixon to Protest Animal Death Bill outside Downing Street Picket planned for 4 November 02
Publicising the Threat of SI 843 and SI 255 Jean Dixon updates us on her campaigning
Scottish Parliament SI 255 a Replica of SI 843 Mavis Petrie explains why she believes we need a Judicial Review
House of Lords debate Death Instrument 843 Jean Dixon was there, 15 May 2002
An Interview with Jean Dixon, Campaigner against the Animal Death Bill Astrid Goddard interviews, 4 April 2002
Jean Dixon to Protest Animal Death Bill 21 March '02
Challenging the Slaughter Powers in the Animal Death Bill Alan Beat, 16 Feb '02
Letter to the Lords Alan and Rosie Beat protest the Animal Death Bill, 11 Jan 2002
Lawrence Alderson and Roger Windsor Oppose Animal "Health" Bill Letters from The Daily Telegraph, 1 Dec '01
House of Commons Meeting Opposes Animal Health Bill Speeches from House of Commons meeting, 29 Nov 2001
Against the Animal "Health" Bill Submission from NFMG and VforV on why Bill should be scrapped 21 Nov 01
Public Meeting Unanimously Opposes New "Animal Health Bill" Astrid Goddard reports, 13 Nov 01
Does the New Animal Health Bill Contradict the Human Rights Act? Stephen Smith QC examines, 5 Nov 01
Field Day for the Animal Killers Jonathan Miller on form, as usual. Sunday Times, 4 November 2001
After the Slaughter comes the Bill to make it Legal Christopher Booker on the proposed new Animal Health Bill, Sunday Telegraph, 4 Nov 01